Sunday 22 April 2012

The interior
The interior of the boat was as you would expect having not been touched for at least ten years; was pretty awful. I've loaded some more pictures (yesterday) from my Flickr photo sets, to give you a better idea.

During the first few days of the project, Philip (my son) and I proceeded to strip everything out of the cabin, throwing everything in the skip apart from the saloon table, which I would restore later on and the roof linings. Although these were quite rotten (vinyl faced hardboard) and shabby, they serve for good patterns when it comes to making new panels. This will save a huge amount of time, trial and error etc. to make up new panels from scratch.

Image shows roof panels marked-up before removing, they looked to be the original panels so fit nice and snug to the bulkheads.

As I said, I decided to keep the table for a couple of reasons, 1, apart from the varnish having peeled-off the wood was sound. 2, The plan would be to re-design the interior based on a more contemporary theme; modern laminates for the galley area, light wood veneers for the bulkheads etc. but I wanted to retain something original from the boat - the table was the best choice.

Image showing drop-leaf saloon table, galey sink and the temporary companionway step.

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